Weekly Programmes 

6 and 12 weeks

Running Technique Coaching – 6 or 12 week Programme

Refined Running’s six week Running Technique Coaching programme is simple, fun, engaging and will energise your running mojo giving you the best possible start to your next running adventure!!

It begins with a biomechanical analysis in which I take videos of the athlete walking and running from the back, side and at a variety of speeds on a treadmill and then identify areas which can be improved within your running to reduce the risk of injury or improve your performance (or both).

I will then undertake a Functional Movement Analysis to look at any weaknesses that could be preventing you from getting the most out of your running, and discuss your goals. This movement analysis will guide which strength exercises I program for you to work on, allowing you to get the most out of your training.

I use a variety of accelerated learning techniques and cues in the following five sessions to adjust and improve your running technique in a controlled environment. This is combined with a variety of:
strength exercises.
Dynamic Movement Skills

Advice will be provided along with programmes and homework specific in order for you to practise between sessions.

Finally, on completion of session 6 I will review your goals and you will receive a before & after video of your running outlining the improvements in your technique which you can use to keep you on track! Remember, running is a skill like any other, and can be taught!

This programme is suitable for:

  • Beginner runners
  • Serious amateurs
  • Elite runners
  • Distance runners
  • Sprinters
  • Triathletes
  • Multi Directional Athletes (Football, netball, cricket, tennis, rugby, hockey)

6 weeks – £270
12 weeks – £490


I am a casual runner who has competed in a few half marathons and similar events. I run three or four time a week but have been struggling with a pain in my knee. The process of coaching was challenging but ultimately rewarding. The exercises and drills undertaken gradually increase with difficulty as you progress. The process is well structured, and Jon is an excellent motivator.  I now run in a more efficient manner, without pain in my knee and my times are improving.

Rich Hudson