Walking Re-Education

Walking Re education

As a society, we sit down more than ever before, have more distractions and produce weaknesses, and reduce our walking efficiency. Walking is in our DNA and we have been doing it since we began to stand upright, 2600 years ago in ancient Greece; Hippocrates – The father of medicine declared:

“Walking is man’s best medicine”

If you have had an injury or a period of immobility, you may also have developed compensations and inefficient movement patterns. If you can’t run, then walk. Walking is the next best thing to running. This programme is suitable for:

  • Seniors looking to get fit, stay fit and improve their balance.
  • People who do not enjoy running but want to stay fit.
  • People recovering from illness, injury or surgery.

Walking is great because it utilises all the muscles in your body, if you walk correctly – yes there is a technique for walking too! This technique ensurio
I will guide you through walking technique and exercises to improve your movement, balance, mobility and strength, illuminating you as to why it will make a difference to your walking. We will also give you a walking programme to follow at home.
Your first session will be a biomechanical Movement Analysis lasting 60 minutes, where we will assess movement patterns and imbalances, and explain how we can help you with your goals. Over the following 5 sessions, I will employ specific exercises, small movements and repetitions to maximise your walking technique and enjoyment of the beautiful outdoors. Included will also be a 12 week walking programme

Standalone walking assessment price: £60

6 week programme price which includes assessment: £180