Speed Programme

Speed Programme

‘Speed is a skill and not something you are born with’

The speed programme is a 12 week programme and the next steps if you have followed the initial 6 week  Running Technique Coaching Programme.

‘If you want to run faster you need to train the nervous system’

This programme will include:

Treadmill Running Speed drills
Dynamic Movement Skills – Improving proprioception and training the nervous system to work faster enabling you to move faster.

Plyometric Box Sessions

Strength and activation exercises

This programme will be designed bespoke to your individual distance, specific sporting needs – For example if a multi directional athletes (football, rugby, netball, hockey etc..) your programme would include: acceleration, deceleration and changes in direction

The benefits of this programme will be in:

Developing straight line speed
Speed Endurance

Power and Explosiveness

Incorporating Change of direction
Dynamic Core strength

Session Structure:

Session 1-4 – Initial assessment, reinforcement of running technique

Session 5-8 – Treadmill sessions incorporating box sessions

Session 9-12 – Treadmill sessions and alternated box and change of direction practices

This program is suitable for:
Intermediate and advanced runners who take part in 5k, 10k and half marathon.
Athletes who have completed the Running Technique Coaching programme
multi-directional athletes (Football, netball, cricket, tennis, rugby, hockey)

12 Sessions – £490