Running is a skill which must be taught to avoid injuries whatever level of sport you practise.

Biomechanical Analysis Session

The Biomechanical Analysis session is 60 minutes and involves taking a detailed exercise and injury history and discusses your goals and objectives.

I will then take videos of the athlete walking and running from the back, side and at a variety of speeds. Sometimes how we think we run is not how we actually run – This is a fascinating insight!

I will then complete a Functional Movement Analysis, which relates to movements in general as well as sport. The reason is to:

  • identify whether the athlete is not moving efficiently when performing simple, functional movements as this will translate to inefficient movement when running or doing sport where they will be sending several times their body weight through their joints when landing on one leg.
  • It is often an injury or habit that has caused compensation mechanisms or muscular weakness in the body.
  • The Functional Movement Analysis will provide a benchmark score out of 100 and will be a tool for monitoring improvement.

Once I have completed the assessment, we will analyse the videos together. I identify strengths and weaknesses in the walking and running technique and what is potentially causing or contributing to injury, and what we can do to help improve technique, speed, performance and reduce injury risk.

Correct running form ensures that we:

  • create and maintain linear momentum 
  • Engage the correct muscle groups
  • reduce joint impact
  • minimise energy loss and maximise efficiency and economy.

This is a great session to purchase if you want greater insight, are curious into how you actually run and identify tweaks to enhance your performance or a gift for a keen runner in your life who complains of niggles or wanting to gain greater knowledge about the art of running

Buy – £75

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