Limited Offer throughout November – Thursdays and Saturdays

This is a fantastic opportunity to take part in the most important session to look at the strengths and weaknesses of the body when running.

Please read to find out:

Why is a Biomechnanical Analysis is important?

What the session will involve?

Who is it for?

How do I book and what are the next steps?

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Why is a Biomechanical Analysis Important?

Balanced biomechanics, form, and technique are fundamental factors to:

Reducing the risk of Injury:

  • By activating the correct running mechanics, athletes will minimise the stress on joints, muscles, and tendons while promoting better alignment, posture and weight distribution.


  • By running with proper form, runners can maximise efficiency, allowing them to cover longer distances and maintain a faster pace without excessive fatigue.

Performance Improvement

  • Efficient mechanics enable better utilisation of muscle strength and co-ordination, meaning improved race times, enjoyment and performances—whatever your level from the beginner runner to the elite, multi directional sport performers through to triathletes, .

What will the session involve?

The 30 minute session will be broken down as follows:

  1. Dynamic Movement Skills Warm up (6 mins)
  2. Treadmill safety, walking and find out about you and your running (5 mins)
  3. 2 x 20 second videos at different inclines and speed (3 mins)
  4. Biomechanical Analysis Discussion of your running using software (10 mins)
  5. Explanation of how Refined Running works.

N.b – Please note the running element will take place on a treadmill

Who is it suitable for?

Beginner Runners

Intermediate Runners looking to improve

ParkRun Runners

Club Runners

Serious Athletes

Elite Athletes

Distance Runners

Multi Directional Athletes (Football, Netball, Hockey, and Basketball)



How do I book and what are the next steps?

Click on the link:

Book a date and time that works best for you.

You will receive an email from up to 48 hours before your booking.

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Further details regarding precise location.

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Happy Running!


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