Running is a skill which must be taught to avoid injuries whatever level of sport you practise.

Hello, my name is Jon and I am the founder of Refined Running Ltd.

Mastering the skill of efficient, pain free running technique is essential whatever your sport be running or playing multi directional sports such as Football, Netball, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis or Hockey

I have completed 8 marathons, 20+ Half marathons and 10k events. I have a huge passion for running and in achieving qualifying times for Boston and London a thirst for development of technique.

This is all very well but how can I help you?

My goal is to empower you to be the best runner, athlete; whatever your sport from novice to elite by moving better, running better, running faster!

I am a qualified Certified Running Technique Specialist and Dynamic Movement Skills coach having been mentored by Mike Antoniades the founder and director of The Running and Movement School in London and master specialist in the field of performance, rehabilitation and Speed.

I am a skilled practitioner with a combined 20 successful years experience of teaching Physical Education in secondary schools, and 6 years experience of working as a Personal Trainer.

I am an expert at tailoring and delivering for both adults and children from novice to elite; as well as adapting exercises to suit your sport.

I have extensive coaching experience in football, in schools and working for Major League Soccer Camps in America and have obtained the UEFA ‘B’ Licence Award. Understanding the importance of multi directional movements and application

I love to educate all abilities of sports performers on mastering running technique and form in order to move efficiently and fluently. My experience of education means I am able to analyse clients to make short and long term effective change. Be a black belt in the basics and transformation will happen!

Why work with Refined Running?

Being coached in running technique by Refined Running Ltd will help you to:

Improve Running efficiency:
Proper form and efficient movement can help you to run faster with less effort – focusing on correct posture, foot strike and keeping a steady cadence

Reduce injury risk:

Poor running form can lead to a number of common injuries, such as stress fractures, shin splints, IT band issues, knee pain, back pain, calf and achilles issues to name a few of many!
By learning proper form and efficient movement, you can decrease your risk of getting injured.

Enhance overall running experience:

Running with good form and efficiency can make running feel more comfortable and enjoyable – increasing your running economy, which is the amount of energy you expend to run at a given speed.

Make progress in your running goals:

Whether you’re training for a marathon, trying to improve your 5k time, enhance your performance in multi drectional and racquet sports or just looking to stay in shape, proper running technique can help you to achieve your goals.

Help you to become a better runner overall and improve movement skills, regardless of your level of experience.

Working with Refined Running will help you to become a more efficient, faster and injury -free runner